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My first foray into the world of vintage fairs

Today I went to my very first vintage clothing fair, organised by the good people at Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair. I have been interested in vintage fashion for some time now, aspiring to the style ideal of mixing up vintage pieces with modern-day trends to create unique and yet still elegant outfits, but until now my vintage experience had mainly revolved around hit-or-miss trips to the likes of Armstrong & Son (Edinburgh) and Starry Starry Night (Glasgow) (I say “hit-or-miss” like it’s a bad thing but I suppose that’s what makes vintage so interesting – you never know what you’re going to find and searching for hidden gems is quite exciting, in my opinion). I had never been to a vintage fair before though, so the thought of sifting through over 3 tonnes of retro pieces seemed to be a bit of an adventure for me!

The fair today was a Kilo Sale, a concept I had never come across before but which is actually a fantastic idea – basically, you fill up your bags with as much vintage clothing as you want, and then the bags are weighed. Each kilogram costs you £15, and this averages as being about 4 or 5 items of clothing. The downside to this is that they can only stock clothing from the 60s onwards as older pieces are generally sold for much higher prices. But this didn’t dissuade me, and I came away with some real bargains.

In total my bag weighed 1.1kg, which was rounded down, so I still only paid £15. For this £15, I managed to get two skirts, a dress, a jumper and a blouse:



I am very pleased with my haul and will no doubt be going to the next Kilo Sale in Edinburgh (on 4th May, if anyone else is interested). Judy’s have also organised Kilo Sales in London, Leeds, Chester, Cambridge, Newcastle, Market Harborough, Manchester, Cambridge and Oxford this year, so if you can, I really recommend that you go and pick up some retro bargains!



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